Twins-the beginning

15 weeks on from the birth of my twin boys, I feel no different to any other mother. Seriously tired but enjoying every new experience that motherhood brings. Thinking back to the day I had my first scan I can laugh now. Like I laughed leading up to that fateful day. I remember someone who had IVF saying she was relieved when she had her first scan because there was only one little sprog in there. I remember giggling and thinking how funny that was; how far removed that idea was from me. The day of my first scan we joked about having twins. He, he, ha, ha. Being pregnant was alien enough so to think that there might be two was inconceivable (excuse the pun)! As I lay on the bed and the doc nonchalantly told us there were two, my heart sank. My partner said that he wished he could have taken a photo of my face. I think it was abject terror mixed with disbelief and lots of other extreme emotions. I had the same feeling when I was carried to the edge of the Bloukrans bridge, seconds before swan-diving off. But as I grew used to the idea a feeling of being a bit special seeped into the stress and anxiety. I am one of the 3% of women who have twins. I’ve never been anything that unusual before! Being pregnant was no fun but when they arrived a huge burden was lifted off my shoulders. Now I just get on with it and I LOVE IT!!

Oscar and Dominic - 9 weeks old



5 thoughts on “Twins-the beginning

  1. Is having twins more demanding on your resources when you’re pregnant? What is the effect on your calcium and iron levels? What was your eating regime? What was your partner’s reaction when you discovered you were expecting twins?

  2. Hey Charlotte 🙂 Well done, this is going to be great! I am in utter awe that you are looking after two small babies and starting a blog. You are putting us slacker moms to shame. Hope you are well and the boys are doing well. They look more and more gorgeous with every photo.

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