Don’t Panic, it’s Organic!

Don’t Panic, it’s Organic!

This is the sign that’s up at my local health shop. It may sound ridiculous, but I do actually panic. Not for myself, but for my precious 11 month old twin boys. I would generally consider myself to be quite healthy, despite my raging sugar addiction! I’ve been meat and cigarette free for 10 years and have been trying to oust all the other baddies too. Enter my twin boys. Baby bodies are so pure and untouched that it seems a sin to pollute them with wheat, dairy, sugar, preservatives and colourants. And they react so quickly to unhealthy substances. Unfortunately I’ve had to give them formula since they were eight months old and they’ve had a number of colds and a bout of an eczema-like rash. I’ve switched to soy formula and they seem to react better. But as soon as I can, I’ll be replacing formula with organic rice milk. Sigh of relief as the panic subsides.

Strangely my good intentions seem to evoke quite severe reactions from people. I’ve been called a bad mother for not allowing my kids to eat sweets and chips yet. I’ve been called faddish for trying to avoid dairy as much as possible and to delay introducing wheat. I’ve been informed that organic food is an unnecessary expense because “I never ate it when I was young and I turned out fine”. People seem happy to feed their children what they were brought up on, despite the fact that increased food production has spawned a number of evils. They also seem to feel that constant colds, ear infections and rashes are a given during childhood. It seems that few people want to know why. They’re happy to just mask symptoms with antibiotics and painkillers.

I often feel like a social pariah for not falling in with the accepted ideas of parenting but I do have the niggling thought at the back of my mind that I do need to strike a balance. There will be many children’s parties and visits from doting grandmothers. It will be impossible to ensure that everything that enters the bodies of my children will be wholesome and unadulterated. But from my side, I’m going to try and keep it that way for as long as possible. I aim to ensure that the majority of sustenance that enters their bodies is good and thereby ensure that they live a healthy, happy life. Surely that’s a mother’s job?


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