working mom with twin boys

Charlotte, Oscar and Dominic

The big ‘M’. You see it in the movies, you read about it in books, it happens to other people. But nothing can really prepare you for when it happens to you! Motherhood is not for the faint-hearted but it truly is the most exciting, frustrating, tiring, nerve-wracking and rewarding job on earth. Now multiply that by two! Yes, having twins is more work. There’s no denying that! But I think the rewards are double too!

You might be wondering what isibini means. It’s the Xhosa word for ‘two’, as in the two little boys who have stolen my heart!  Xhosa is one of the 11 official languages spoken in the Rainbow Nation of South Africa and the most famous Xhosa speaker is our former president, Nelson Mandela. The reason why I chose a Xhosa word is because the Xhosa culture really reveres twins. They are considered a real blessing and not ‘double trouble’, as most other cultures seem to think. I like their  attitude because I whole-heartedly agree. I’m one of the lucky few who has been given the opportunity to raise two wonderful little boys.

In this blog you’ll find a record of my journey with Oscar and Dominic. It’s mostly about my experiences and discoveries of twin motherhood. But I hope that any mother or father will find things that are useful, encouraging and humorous. Being a parent isn’t easy so it’s always great to know that there are others out there who are going through the same thing and who might reassure you that there are many more good days than bad days. So please comment, share and enjoy!


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